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Charging Device Testing

INL is the U.S. Core Capability for the testing and evaluation of conductive and wireless charging systems for vehicle applications. Information in this section details the results from the testing and evaluation of various charging infrastructure systems including EVSE, DC Fast Chargers and wireless charging systems. Results include performance metrics such as efficiency, power quality, EM-field emissions, and many more.

Hasetec LI06-3P3W 50KW

Leviton EVB22-3PM

Schneider Electric EV2430WS

Siemens Smart Grid Capable


SPX EV20M26318U

Voltec 120V

Voltec 240V

ORNL/ Toyota/ Evatran/ ICAR

GE Smart Grid Capable EVSE

GE Energy WattStation



Blink we-30cire

ChargePoint CT503

Clipper Creek CS-40

Delta Smart Grid Capable EVSE

Eaton L2 30 CLBW

Eaton Smart Grid Capable EVSE

ABB Tera 53 CJ